Escalator spare parts CNIM.

Escalator rollers and chains CNIM

C0007B HANDRAIL DRIVE SPROCKET, Ø 200mm x 36mm, INNER 72mm
C0008B HANDRAIL PULLY ROLLER, Ø 76.5mm x 60mm, 6204RZ
C0009B DRIVER ROLLER, Ø 120mm x 30mm, 6206RS
C0013B CHAIN ROLLER, Ø 100mm x 25mm, 6206RS
C0014B STEP CHAIN ROLLER, Ø 76mm x 21mm, 6202RZ
C0015B ROLLER, Ø 76mm x 21mm, 6202RZ, ALU HUB
C0016B HANDRAIL ROLLER, Ø 118mm x 32mm
C018A HANDRAIL CHAIN, 3804402 JO 169
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